Mcledsoft has been doing software-consulting development work in the Portland, OR area since 2007 and providing the following main services:

    1. 1. Business Rules Definition and Analysis
    1. 2. Database Design and Implementation
    1. 3. Database Windows Applications Development
    1. 4. Database Internet Web Applications Development
    1. 5. Standard Websites Design and Development
    1. 6. Website Hosting and Administration
    1. 7. LAMP Server Development and Administration
    1. 8. User and Developer Documentation
    1. 9. Custom System Architecture and Design
    1. 10. Custom System Mentoring and Training
    1. 11. Data Mining and Machine Learning Implementation
    1. 12. Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Statistical Calculations
    1. 13. Custom Barcode Manufacturing Software Development
    1. 14. System Technical Support and Maintenance

Our Application Developers support all of the following development Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) phases:

    • 1. Business Rules Definition and Analysis – business solution system development; business analysis and requirements capture; business rules phases, deliverable and sign-offs; business rules functional and design specifications; project scope definition; workflow models development using business rules; data models development using business rules;
    • 2. Database Design and Implementation – data analysis, collection, conversion, evaluation and integration; quality data assurance and control; logical and physical database design and implementation using MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL; fundamental database objects development including stored procedures, user-defined functions, triggers, cursors; etc.
    • 3. Application Programming Development – N-tier architecture design and implementation; MVC design patterns, object-oriented programming design and implementation; custom business component and control development; XML/JSON/BSON data transfer and implementation; best practices of programming code development; etc.
    • 4. Application Unit and System Testing – design, plan and test process implementation; unit and system user requirements test; test execution and error handling tracking and reviewing; business rule maintenance and upgrades; etc.
    • 5. Application Setup and Deployment – deployment package design, plan and implementation; pre-installation hardware configuration and optimization; application settings setup and upgrades; post-installation setup configuration; readme installation files, etc.
    • 6. User and Developer Documentation – functional end-user guide description and manual; how-to guide and use the system; developer code and technical documentation; online help file design and implementation; product specification and documentation; etc.
    • 7. Application Upgrades and Maintenance – upgrade and maintain system business rules; error analysis and prevention; version upgrades and patches; programming code reviewing and auditing; documentation maintenance and upgrades; etc.
    • 8. Application Technical Support and Maintenance – business rules and programming code technical support implementation; application help desk support; end-user training and mentoring; critical business rules auditing; etc.